DAC Announces Selection of Next CEO!

Since the retirement of our Co-Founder and CEO, AnnaLisa Chung, the Board of Directors has been conducting a search for a new CEO.
We are pleased to announce that Katie Joh, the current Managing Attorney for Dependency Advocacy Center‘s First Call for Families program, has accepted the position and will become our new CEO starting January 8th, 2024!  
Katie comes to us having graduated from Wellesley College as an undergraduate and University of Michigan School of Law. Katie has focused her career on advocating for disenfranchised and marginalized families. Prior to coming to DAC, Katie worked at numerous organizations serving similar populations as DAC, including the National Center for Youth Law, the Michigan Law Child Advocacy Law Clinic, and Legal Services of Northern California.
She has been a staff attorney with Dependency Advocacy Center representing parents and some minors, and working with an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, social workers, and mentor parents. Katie then became the first Managing Attorney of DAC’s newly created First Call for Families program, where she led the effort to fully develop and manage the First Call for Families program, a pre-filing family defense interdisciplinary intervention designed to prevent families from a deeper entrenchment in the system.
We are thrilled for what Katie Joh will bring to our organization in support of our mission, our clients, and our programs! Congratulations Katie Joh!