Too often families feel trapped between the criminal justice and child welfare systems.


DAC collaborated with Santa Clara County’s Adult Probation Department to create the Corridor program to address the specific needs of parents on formal probation who often find themselves at the intersection of the criminal justice and child welfare systems.


The goal of Corridor is to help parents on formal probation break the cycle of system involvement by empowering families to stay together rooted in communities and not in courts.

Who We Are:

Corridor utilizes an interdisciplinary team service model comprised of an attorney, social worker and gender specific mentor parents. As an attorney led program, all communication between Corridor staff and Corridor clients is privileged and confidential – creating space for honest and open communication in order to actively address concerns impacting the family and to create appropriate safety plans.

Service Groups:

Corridor serves parents on formal probation with open Juvenile Dependency cases (i.e. open case) and parents on formal probation who are at risk of having an open Juvenile Dependency case (i.e. prevention).

What We Do:

  • Open Case Services:
    • Corridor provides parents with open dependency cases full scope legal representation, peer support, supplemental resource referral, and inter-system advocacy.
  • Prevention Services:
    • Corridor links parents to appropriate community-based services and resources to obtain self-sufficiency and stability; develops safety plans in the event of relapse, arrest, or incarceration; provides peer support and guidance; offers consultation and advice regarding the child welfare system and some limited scope legal representation.


Prevention services are available free of cost to parents (and expectant parents) on formal adult probation in Santa Clara County. If you are interested in participating in or referring a parent for Corridor prevention services, please email: or call: (408) 564-5142.